Our Process



We strongly oppose the one-size-fits-all mentality when it comes to securing your financial future. Our interview process was created to help our prospective clients obtain a clear understanding of our services, capabilities and basic philosophy. We also prefer to outline our competitive fees schedule, pre-set sales charges, commissions and any other efforts associated with our process. We want to make sure our clients are comfortable asking difficult questions as this has proven to cultivate the best long-term working relationships. The goal of the interview process is to help both parties determine a good collaborative fit and for setting mutual expectations should we decide to move forward.

Discovery &


Stated previously under our Competitive Edge summary, the Discover & Onboarding process is essential for proper holistic planning and maintaining a solid working relationship. During discovery, we will be taking a deep dive into your current situation, past experiences and future outlook. During onboarding you will be provided with a personalized web-based client account that allows data aggregation, file storage, educational videos and planning tools.

Analysis &


While discovery and onboarding are among the most crucial components in the process, we absolutely do not take our analysis and planning lightly. In fact, we combine proprietary and non-proprietary software to complement our training and experience. This allows us to integrate time-tested principals with more current strategies and a modern approach. Should we find ourselves in a situation where legislative and econocic changes prompt us for more advanced planning, guidance via New York Life's Advanced Planning Group (APG) is a valuable resource in navigating your course. The APG is comprised of roughly 30 professionals with more than 300 years of collective experience in business, trust and estate planning. They are experts at what they do and can bring comfort to our clients by offering assistance for large and complex case design and solutions.

Solutions &


The avenues available to properly prepare and execute your financial solutions can be difficult to navigate without a trusted financial professional at your side. That is why we recommend using a financial professoinal like ourselves. You can take confidence in knowing that there is a strategic purpose behind every recommendation and suggestion. And while we’ve come to recognize that not everyone wants to know how the wheel works, our processes and software are specifically designed to empower clients by providing clarity through education and transparency via user-friendly reports and updates.

Implementation &


Once our recommendations have been communicated, we will then provide the necessary steps to help you act on the provided information. While there can be some time-sensitive components, most action items can be established within a given period of time. The purpose of providing insight to our recommendations is to reinforce the concept of long-term planning. Many of the recommendations we make have just as much or more impact on your long-term objectives as do your short-term goals. We want to help you to keep your eyes on the horizon and will continue to reiterate those insights during our review meetings.

Review &


At this stage in the process, we should have an extensive understanding about your needs, goals and personal objectives. That said, who’s to say you won’t change jobs, increase the size of your family or encounter an unexpected financial burden? The potential for life-altering events pushing your plans in a new direction are endless. Here are some of the top reasons we conduct reviews:

Personal Introductions

The highest compliment we receive from our clients is a personal introduction to someone they know and care about. We strive to be likable, approachable and referrable. If you believe this to be the case, please don’t keep us a secret. Our time is better spent on clients and fulfilling their objectives, as opposed to marketing and client acquisition.

We recognize any referral as a potential reflection on our clients and take all generously offered information very seriously. This is why we ask that you provide enough information for us to have the best opportunity to impress upon them in the same manner we were able to gain your confidence and trust.